Design for change.
I was always fascinated by typography on everything from cereal boxes to the comics I used to read. As I grew older, I became obsessed with magazines. I’d buy the first issue of everything (sometimes I still do!), carefully studying the typography and page layout. I had cupboards and boxes straining with hundreds of titles. More than anything I wanted to design magazines.
After the death of my best friend in 1998 due to complications with HIV, I became a volunteer at Gay Men’s Health in Edinburgh. They were looking for someone to produce a community ‘zine’ delivering safer sex messages in a no-nonsense, fun and provocative way. ’Spurt’ was born and burned brightly but briefly - ending abruptly after four issues following intervention from furious tabloids and an outraged Church Of Scotland.
This experience led me to applying for a role at Healthy Gay Manchester (HGM), who were looking for someone to launch an LGBT community magazine in the city. To cut a very long story short, from 2000 to 2014 I designed and edited 121 issues ‘outnorthwest’ magazine. At its peak the circulation reached over 120,000. It was the perfect job. Not only fulfilling my dream of designing a magazine, but also helping to deliver important health information to marginalised communities.
During my time working at HGM and then The Lesbian & Gay Foundation (LGF) I was also responsible for their design output - everything from branding and merchandising to packaging, print and digital. It offered me valuable experience in producing design to create change. My career working within the LGBTQ+ community continued with my role as Design & Production Co-ordinator at AKT (formerly The Albert Kennedy Trust). Outside of my freelance design work, I also work part-time as Design Communications Co-ordinator at We Are Survivors, a charity offering support to male survivors of sexual abuse and rape. 
Graphic design continues to be my passion. If anything that passion is stronger as I expand my experience and move into the freelance world. I hope as you look through this portfolio website you will see the range and depth of the design I can produce. This is only a small sample of nearly 25 years of work. 
I can help you through the entire process of design, from ideas to sourcing quality print. Have you got an idea? Let me help you realise it. Great design is not as expensive as you might think, and we can work to whatever budget you may have. 
Great design can change minds, inspire and challenge perception.
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