Cult Edge is a passion project. As a fan of cult television, Cult Edge is a chance for me to unleash the restraints and design imaginative products reflecting a very niche interest.
Blake's 7 Annuals 1982 & 2023
A lockdown project to create the 'missing' Blake's 7 Annual 1982, this 252 hardback book was created in collaboration with fans across the world and received overwhelmingly positive reviews. As a result, the project was followed up in 2023 with a further 256 page volume celebrating the shows 45th anniversary. Both books were designed by me, and were edited and co-ordinated by me and Carol Ramsay. Both books were self-published and have - so far - raised over £4200 for charity.
The Blake's 7 Annual 1982 is available HERE. The Blake's 7 Annual 2023 is available HERE.
Blake's 7 Scorpio Tales & Thieves Killers Mercenaries Psychopaths
As a result of receiving too many short stories to include in the Blake's 7 Annuals, two short-story anthologies were created to showcase the work. Both book jackets and typesetting were done by me.
Scorpio Tales is available HERE. Thieves Killers Mercenaries Psychopaths is available HERE.
Blake's 7 Production Diary Series A
An upcoming publication - due for release at the end of 2023 - this book is an in-depth look at the production of the first series of Blake's 7, and features many unseen photographs from in front of and behind the camera, along with production documents and illustrations. The book is designed by me and written and researched by Jonathan Helm. The cover and sample layout below are subject to change.
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