NHS England (former Director at LGBT Foundation)
I had the pleasure of working with Grahame for several years when he led the design team at LGBT Foundation (formerly the LGF). During these years he worked on a wide range of media, including magazines, newsletters, website content, flyers, t-shirts, videos, icons, campaign materials and more, often to tight and multiple deadlines. Grahame has a strong, vibrant, visual style; and understands how design should amplify a message, not drown it - and he knows how to target design for particular audiences, including considerations such as inclusive imagery. I think it's fair to say that I could often be a designer's worst nightmare with strong concepts in mind and exacting standards. Grahame would always work with me to achieve the end result, and would take pride in his work. Equally however, Grahame can work with clients who don’t have any design concepts in mind, and will help to bring their content to life. Today, the LGBT Foundation is a highly respected organisation within the UK (and beyond), and I do not underestimate the role that design has helped play in creating a professional, lively, and community-orientated image. I have no hesitation in recommending Grahame’s design work to others.
Former Director of Communications, akt
I’ve worked with Grahame at akt for almost two years and his design-work and commitment to elevating a brand is top notch. He has helped develop and grow akt’s own brand, which has had a recent refresh, and we are regularly praised for his excellent work. I would absolutely recommend him as someone who designs and produces great work
Former Senior Marketing Officer, Contact Manchester
Working with Grahame has been a great experience. He's creative, talented and reliable, and also really easy to work with.
Owner, MoodyBear
Professional, unique, and a joy to bounce off. Quite possibly the least painful design experience I've ever had. Having sent a detailed brief, Grahame produced a series of images that blew my mind. He gave our event a themed look so all our advertising was consistent and identifiable. Can't wait to work with him again.
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